Friday, October 29, 2010

Rachael (is that how you spell it?) has started a new book review site and has one review up on a book called Stinky Alley, and it is quite a good review. It's new and doesn't have very many followers, so if you could follow her blog it would be appreciated:D

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So.... yea, no excuses come to mind for why I haven't been posting... How about this: A giant bubble gum dragon blew a bubble that trapped me in my bedroom, I'll stick to that story until I can think up something better. What's been going on in blogger land? Will somebody comment ordering me to post about something? If you order me then it means you're in charge and I have to listen to you... or something like that:) Sooo... Umm..*slaps head*(I'm not supposed to say um... Oh well) I
adore Robin Hood(BBC TV series not the movie) I will sit through the entire thing correcting all the facts, but I cant live without it :P I'm on chapter six on my book that I'm writing! Yay!!! So let's see... there are going to be sixteen chapters and I'm on chapter six then that is six-sixteenths done, then I have to simplify so that's *scrambles for scratch paper* (two goes into both of these so it's six divided by two and sixteen divided by two) wich meens it's three-eightths (LOL! You can see I'm thinking math right now and not spelling :D) That's about it... We've had to do two speeches in speech class and the week after next(Demonstrative, the other two were white board and literary).
Hannah E.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I redesigned my blog! AND I'm POSTING!! It's been forever!
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