Friday, July 24, 2009

Show and Tell

The boys got their hair cut like grandpa for his birthday!

Grandpa's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Grandpa!
Show and tell is hosted by Kelli.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fairy House

This is Annette's fairy house. She likes to get it all decorated so I decided to help!
The finished Fairy House.
The table is made from half a sand dollar and an oyster shell.The table cloth is the same fabric as the bed and the vase is an acorn cap with some sweet peas in it.

The bathtub is made from a sea shell we found in Florida.

The bed is made from a piece of fabric from my collection and feathers that Annette had been collecting and some moss and two pieces of grass to tie the pillow together,The decoration pillows are flowers that Annette found across the road while picking black berries.

The buffet table is a big piece of bark,The bowls are acorn caps there is Mint salad,Corn with rice, and also a black berry pie with a cookie crumb crust and a tootsie roll top with a little bit of star burst. I think these fairies are going to have a great time!

John Quincy Adams....The chicken?

This is John Quincy Adams our new rooster.

He puts up with so much but you got to admit he does look very presidential in that flower necklace!!!
Indiana Jones (Misha's rooster) with John Quincy.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Operation: Clean my room

this is my room when it is not messy now put lot's of blankets,clothes,fabric and some towels on the floor and you've got my room while it's messy.Right now (not in this photo) it's messy so I rented a book from my church library on cleaning up your room it's called Making my room special and it's written by Emily Barnes.It has helpful ideas and hints and even crafts to make your room clean and organized. The ideas in this book really work so if your room is as messy as mine you should check a library and see if you can find this book!
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