Saturday, February 16, 2008

Max is the oldest. He is flirting with me.

Who wouldn't?

This is Misha the BIG ham.

This is Vitali. Vitali likes to yell nyet(no) and throw things at you until you look at him

It is like opening a present.... A BIG one!!!
The boys are here!!!!


Mama said...

You are a really cool big sister, Kannah!

You are a really cool daughter, too.

Dad and I love you to pieces!

Jennifer said...

And you are a cool niece too!

I love your website. Did you take all the pictures?

Love you!

Aunt Jen (in Niger)

Purple Princess said...

not all of them but most of them are
me.Mom helps me some times. I miss you a lot.


Jennifer said...

You do a great job! I guess your mom is pretty much a pro, so you are learning from the best.
I miss you too and will see you in May. Can't wait!

Purple Princess said...


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