Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vitali and Ivy

Once upon a time,in a land far away, There lived a beautiful princess named Ivy
Ivy had always been a little Princess (pwincess). But when Vitali got there she decided to be the
Queen and Vitali instead of being The King was her servant.But Vitali didn't want to be her servant. Vitali wanted to be BIG.
And Ivy was not very happy... She would come home very sad

and she would tell her mommy that "Tawi" said no to her . Eventually Ivy and Vitali played together.But every now and then they got into an argument and had to take a nap.

The End


Melissa E. said...

Cute story, Hannah. I like those pictures a lot. Ivy looks especially pretty.

Grandma Falk said...

Hannah, did you take these pictures? They are beautiful, and so is the story!

The Noelles said...

It looks like their in love, or a wedding. Its cute!

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