Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Isoka, who was in the last chapter of my book, is a ten year old girl who lives on the skirts of Clyde Woods in Libertad. Keep reading this post and you'll get a bit of an idea of what's going to be going on in the book. Also I know what chapter two will be called: Friends and Enemies. Now I have to tell you about Isoka.
Isoka has a brother named Robin(or Bogdan, I don't know yet) and she also has a pet cat named Midnight. She is saved but her brother is not. When I first wrote about Isoka I based her dress on my dream dress, dark-green muslin with gold embroidered designs on the stomacher, but changed it to fit with her forest girl personality(also in my draft she had a pet wolf). I based a lot of my characters names on their personalities or where they show up in the book, Isoka's name means "Gift of God" and Isolina's means "Woman Warrior".

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