Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am going to do my first Tween Girls Daybook!
Date: Sunday, March 28th
Starting time: 1:38

Mood: Happy!

Outside my window: Rain, Rain, and more rain...
I was just in: Church.
I'm thinking: Why is Vitali screaming now...
I'm reading: Redwall.
I'm listening to: Screaming and crazy boys a.k.a.My brothers:D
I'm wearing: White Long-sleeved sweater and dress pants.
I am also doing: Nothing. Right now....
Yesterday, I:Crawled along the top of a fence, I'm as bad as Anne(with an e) Shirley LOL! Found an arrow in the woods and decided to build a bow to go with it(My new bow is leaning against the wall in the room next to me.).
I'm excited for: My brother who's birthday's tomorrow.
I'm sad because: It's raining so I can't go outside to read.
I'm hungry for: Borscht, Palmeni, Pumpernickel bread.
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothing's stuck in my head... For now...

I want: Chocolate chip cookies.
I love: Reading.
This week, my goal is: To *scary music* finish my Math Book *gasp*.
Ending time: 1:59. Oh! Wait! 2:00


miss m said...

Great post, Hannah. :)

Erika Minich said...

Cool.I like your picture.

Erika :)

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