Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hi Everyone!
Date: Thursday,April 8
Starting time: 7:28

Mood: Happy!

Outside my window: A pretty evening.
I was just in: The kitchen
I'm thinking: That if everyone could say if they like the changes that'd be great.
I'm reading: The Dark Hills Divide
I'm listening to: Quietness.
I'm wearing: Sweat pants and a lime green t-shirt.
I am also doing: Thinking.
Yesterday, I: Can't remember any thing interesting... I do remember something weird though.... But I'm not gonna tell ya what it is!
I'm excited for:
I'm sad because:
I'm hungry for:
The song stuck inside my head is: About any ukulele songs by Will Ryan(Eugene Meltsner to those who listen to AIO).

I want: to start a book club.
I love: today.
This week, my goal is: to practice the piano
Ending time: 7:38

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