Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random post about my stay away from list and my must see list.

2 Singers to stay away from- Lady Gaga: She's scary. Justin Beiber: He cusses and he sings like a girl.

2 movies to stay away from- PRINCESS AND THE FROG!!!: DO NOT WATCH!!! EVER!!! Happy feet: Humans are not evil just because they dump trash into the water! I mean don't do it but it's not evil if you do!

2 gotta see singers- Britt Nicole- She has upbeat, fun Christian music! Francesca____(forgot her last name)- She also has upbeat, fun Christian music!

2 must see movies- Last Song and Hannah Montana- While I'm not crazy about how Miley acts in public or dresses, but I can almost count that the script will be clean in Miley movies.


Rachel said...

you listen to lady Gaga?

Hannah~ said...

No, I don't. I think she's scary, bad, inappropriate, Not to mention a fashion disaster!

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