Friday, July 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus: Good or bad?

While I can trust Miley Movies to have a clean script Miley Cyrus as herself- well that's a different thing. For instance even though the Bible doesn't say "Thou shalt not wear ultra short shorts" it does tell us to be modest, something Miley seems to have a problem with.
But look deeper in- her music videos, the infamous pole dance, how she acts in public- and tell me is Miley Cyrus good or bad in her everyday life. She's a christian, but does she act like one? Her clothes are fashionable, but are they modest? Her music is popular, but should I really be listening to it? So I've decided that I'm gonna take her songs off of my playlist till I know if Miley Cyrus is a good singer and actor that gives into peer pressure, or a singer and actor trying to play the tune her audience wants to hear whether it's good, bad, inappropriate, or just down right unchristian. Neither one of these seems good. So I'm sorry to you Miley/Hannah fans but I'm taking her off my playlist until I can find out whether Miley Cyrus is good or bad.


Rachel said...

I was thinking of the same thing- the Bible tells us to be modest. and Miley Cyrus isn't modest.

I also think she is not a Christian, what I also think is the path she is taking now- well she could end up like Britney speers. If a Person is Christian it judges what comes out of them- it doesn't look like Miley Cyrus is Christian. If she was a Christian- she'd be real passionete about it and sing christian things. I also don't think she is a good role model for kids.
that is my oppionion
good for you!

Autumn said...

I agree with you! I'm glad to see that there are girls who see that Miley is not a good role model AT ALL. She needs to get her life together before she ends up like theother singers eith major problems.


Erika Minich said...

I agree. I only like one song of her's.


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