Monday, September 6, 2010

Give Away details

So sorry about the give away, guys. It's almost impossible to comprehend so I am lengthening it so it closes the 20th.
Here are the rules: You can have three entries tops, But you have to do the following to get them:
Follow my blog, Post about this on your blog, Leave a comment on the post THE SURPRISE IS UNVEILED if you don't do it on that post then I won't count you.
Please tell me that you did those things as some of you have multiple blogs and I'd rather just know where you did it then have to find out for myself.


Erika Minich said...


Autumn said...

Hey Hannah, just wanted to remind you that The Bookworm Band has begun reading!


Dawn said...

Hannah~ Happy 11th b-day tomorrow! Eleven on the eleventh!
Eat a LARGE slab of cake for me!

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