Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes it's snow, Yes it's snow, Yes it's snow!


Racheal said...


I love snow!

Isra said...

So what was your final word count for Nanowrimo?? And congratulations on doing it this year! My daughter in college has been doing Nanowrimo every year since she was your age and still loves the challenge of figuring out a new plot outline during the year and then writing out everything each November. It's quite the accomplishment to finish your goal like that, and you should be proud of yourself! :-)

Hannah said...

I actually did YWP NaNoWriMo since you have to be thirteen to do the regular NaNoWriMO. My final word count was 3,029 words.

Isra said...

Good for you, Hannah! Keep on going, and finish that book this coming year. I bet you had an intriguing plot line!! :-)

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