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Three more chapters

Chapter three


he was excited to see Romania; it was where her parents had met. She was eager to see the sights, soak up a tan, maybe meet a couple boys, RELAX!

Katarina sighed; her life had been anything but relaxing during the last year. Maybe this could give her a new life away from the institute, a quieter life, preferably by a pool, but she was an orphan, a kid U-POT picked up off the street, and that meant that everyone thought she was a weirdo. She was doomed to be a social outcast with no life.

Well, also she was a spy, but that’s not as exciting as hot boys.

"Wait!" she cried excitedly to herself, "That is just it, isn't it? All I need to do is make sure that no one finds out I’m an orphan!" She thought this was a wonderful idea and congratulated herself profusely.

Her roommate, Jenna, who had been an exchange student from Sweden, came in and began talking to Katarina in what the other students thought was gibberish. Katarina knew many languages however, and so she chattered on in “gibberish” back.

How the two girls got along so well is beyond me. To tell you the truth they were absolute opposites, while Jenna was tall, Katarina was short, and while Katarina had black eyes, Jenna had a baby blue shade. I think they got along so well because they were both cut out from the rest of the institute.

Weird, new, strange kids that would always remain new because no one would make an effort to become friends with the two girls, for fear that they would become made fun of behind their backs. The girls were like china dolls, in a way, put away on a shelf for no one to play with.

Jenna was very, very attractive and many boys used to make goo-goo eyes after her, but the moment the news was out that she was Katarina's roommate she was very carefully avoided.

"Where are you going?" Jenna asked, in broken English, "You are in bad trouble with Commander Donovan?"

"No, Donovan said that I’m going on loan to the Romanian Agency. If only I was going to Hawaii…"

"Ooh! How long will you be on this ‘loon’?”

"Loan, not loon.” corrected Katarina, “And I'll be in Romania for a whole four months!"

"You will miss curfew" Jenna said jokingly.

"I will miss four months’ worth of curfew!"

"Miss Morgan will be mad very! Miss Morgan love to be mad very. Never happy."

Katarina nodded, Miss Morgan was the least favorite teacher in the entire institute, in fact if there was a yearbook nomination for the ugliest, most hated teacher in the institute Miss Morgan would win for sure, unanimously in fact!

She always (and I mean always) seemed to look as if she had been sucking on lemons. Whenever she walked into the classroom all the students groaned.

The latest news (gossip, more like) in the institute was that between classes she took to smooching Mister Marcus in the halls, the students were horrified and the news naturally spread like wildfire. No one was absolutely sure who had started the rumor, but Katarina had her suspicions.

Jenna had gone over and turned the CD player in the bedroom on. It had in it what it always had in it, a U2 CD.

They immediately started dancing around like crazy people, jumping up and down, turning around in circles, and just goofing off.

It was their favorite band, and Jenna totally had a crush on the guitarist. They danced until the song was over then for the rest of the CD the girls spent packing Katarina's zebra striped suitcase.

Chapter four


atarina had not expected so many people to come to see her off, she expected they were most likely excited she was leaving or Donovan had made them come, nobody really liked her that much.

The secret hangar in which she was standing was about the size of a football stadium. In one corner it had a mini escape pod that was still being tested for glitches but was very advanced, in the center of the hangar was the jet she’d be riding on, a 7/47, black with a giant logo signifying the organization it came from, and in another corner was a D.U.K.W or Duck (which, although it was an old contraption, worked quite efficiently).

The jet was sleek and medium sized, inside it was equipped with a bazooka in the front seat, hidden pistols in the passenger seats in case of emergency and, most importantly, a giant flat screen TV.

Katarina stepped onto the stair way to board and almost screamed! I suppose I should tell you something about Katarina, she has a terrible case of arachnophobia. If you do not know what arachnophobia is I will tell you right now, if you know what arachnophobia is you can skip the next sentence and save a few extra seconds of your life. Or you could keep reading. Anyway… Arachnophobia is the immense fear of spiders. Katarina knew that to scream would be a terrible misstep at a time like this so she gritted her teeth skipped the step and went on up to the jet.

Chapter five


hen she was seated comfortably a flight attendant came out to give the details, where they were going, what they would do when they got there, what to do in case of an emergency, etc. She was in her late 20’s, she wore a pencil skirt and a polo shirt with a tight jacket; she looked squished.

You might think all that is extremely boring, but you are mistaken if you think so. You think this is an ordinary jet, do you not? But no, it isn't. You are most likely forgetting that this is a spy agency's jet, so there regulations are a tad different than the usual regulations you go through on a normal, boring plane.

"Now," said the flight attendant, "Is your seat belt tightened? Good. I will show you the safety regulations and procedures. In the result of an emergency the pilot or co-pilot will release the gun from your seat, the gun is locked into place for safety reasons and will only be released if the pilot presses the button. Your seat, as in all planes, doubles as a floating device just in case we have to make a water landing. If there is a problem with the engine fumes or a grenade hits us, there is a gasmask above you in the overhead compartment along with a laser pen and a parachute.”

Katy nodded, “Where’s the remote for the TV?”

“On the table to your right,” said the lady, “It also doubles as a…”

“Is there anything on this plane that does not have a double purpose?”

“Well, there’s the… No, that has a gun concealed in it. There’s…um… No, I think everything has more than one purpose.”


Katarina was watching a movie on the TV when they hit. The planes came swooping down like falcons.

The first bomb was smaller, thank goodness, but the pilot and co-pilot were knocked unconscious. The flight attendant was running around the plane wildly, screaming and lashing out hysterically, but it was no use. Unless someone dropped into the plane that knew how to fly it, they were going to crash.

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