Friday, September 14, 2007

Show and Tell Friday!

Show and Tell is hosted by Kelli at There's No Place Like Home.
This is Nelly. I have had her for one year.
Aunt Mary and Aunt Laurie gave her to me.

I am saving up my money to buy another American girl doll.
I don't know which one yet. I only need about 30 more dollars!

Find out more about Nelly and other American girls at:


Penless Thoughts said...

Nelly is very cute. I like her freckles!

LBP said...

Nelly is so cute. I have a friend who is 7 years old and we love to play with her American Girl doll.

Her's is a My Twin doll and looks like her!

Tracy said...

She is beautiful. My daughters have American Girl dolls. You should visit them.

PEA said...

I'd never heard of American Girl dolls (I'm from Canada) so thank you for showing me one of them:-) Nelly is quite beautiful and I love her freckles!! xo

Becka said...

Your dolly is very beautiful. My niece has an american girl doll but her doll is a baby. I loved looking at your blog. What a great idea for a kid! Do you take your own pictures? My son is eight and he loves to take pictures. Maybe I should let him have his own blog. I think he would like that.

Marci said...

She is a beautiful doll.

Heather said...

Nelly is beautiful with her cute freckles and pretty hair bow! I'm sure you take very good care of her and love her very much. Thank you for sharing your doll with us!

Mrs. C said...

Nelly is one of my daughter's favorites, too. She is 9 years old and wants an American Girl doll for Christmas.
Mrs. C

Michelle said...

Nelly is adorable. I love those dolls and their accessories.

Kelli said...

Nelly is so pretty!!


Laurie said...

Did Nelly like her new clothes??

Purple Princess said...


Anonymous said...

My sister has Molly, and I like to play with her a lot!

thanks for sharing,


Anonymous said...

My name is Moriah,I'm 12 years old, I like your blog.
I like american girl too. I check the site through the week.

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