Thursday, November 5, 2009

Annette's costume!

Vitali's costume!

Ivy's costume!

Max's costume!

Misha's costume!

My costume!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a homeschool girl too, grade 8. I love AG dolls! I have 3 just like you dolls. check out my homeschool blog:

Moriah said...

Excellent costumes!!

Rachel said...

u like foopets? me 2!

Hannah E. said...

My mom made the princess dresses.

miss m said...

Is Max supposed to be Wesley from Princess Bride?? Just looking at his costume make me think on the quote from the movie: "Be careful, people in masks cannot be trusted". Lol :o)

Hannah E. said...

He's supposed to be Zorro.

Shai said...

I was a pirate 2

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