Saturday, February 6, 2010

I was tagged! Again!

What are your favorite books?: Wasn't this one of the questions on the last tag?

Where do you want to be right now?: I don't know...

How many blogs do you have?: Two, but I'm about to get a third one.

Are you a neat freak or a messy girl?: None!!

Have you ever had a cavity in your life?: Yes.

Do you play any instruments?: The piano, the log drum, and the xylophone.

Have you ever broken any bones?: Yes,my arm.

What is your favorite band?: I don't know.

What's your favorite day?: Saturday, and Sunday.

Writing or reading?: Writing,and then reading what I wrote.

Here is who I tagged,
and anyone who hasn't been tagged yet.


Erika Minich said...

Hey yes I am a neat freak.I have my own room and I clean it every day. I only have one blog. Wow you have two blogs and about to get another one. Can I see you other blog?I would love to see it. I don't like to read that much. But I am sure I already told you this, Sarah does like to read. I love to knitt.Do you? yes I have had a cavity.No I don't play any instruments.My favorite day is Friday.I am reading a horse book. It is called The wild
one. I would like to be with my cat.But he isn't here. He got an a car and the car drove off.thankfully he is only three miles away. I loved your post.


alex said...

Hi! I just got the news that I can tell you who I am..I'm Alex! :D

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