Tuesday, May 18, 2010

THAT is why....

"Hannah, I was in your room when you were gone! On your bed!" That is what Misha just told me, And then Max just added(in all serious a boy talking about "smoochy kissing" could have), " And you smoochy kissy Annette,"

I then ducked in the bathroom where no one could hear me and said: "THAT is why I am here. To bring normalness to the house." I then started to leave but then ducked back in and added " and SANITY!" I then walked down to put away the laundry, right after I fell down the stairs. Mayhap(That word just sounds soooo cool!) I 'm not so good at either of those.

Read over my posts and please tell me if I sound insane or "unnormal".

P.S. Does that sound insane or unnormal?


Tricia said...

You sound normal to me..and I am 30 so....tell your mom I said hello. I grew up with her and her brothers in Jamestown...

Erika Minich said...

Sounds normal to me.

Awesome lady said...

Hannah, you are weird...just like your beautiful mama. ;-)

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