Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Part One, Chapter One, Book One of The Libertad Chronicles

Gwendolyn waited for her friend Selena to come. It was a beautiful fall day and Gwendolyn and Selena were going to babysit for Selena's Aunt Macawi.Finally Selena came rushing down the old path. "I made it!" she cried "I thought I'd never finish my chores in time!". Gwendolyn hugged her friend and then asked "When will your aunt be here?"
"Exactly five minutes!" said Selena excitedly. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean neither of us have ever done this before." said Gwendolyn, "You can't back out now, we already committed to it." said Selena " Look if it makes you feel any better we can go ask the other girls to come help us." Gwendolyn was very relieved , her friend Selena often bit off more than she could chew, she immediately replied saying: "That sounds good, I know from experience that being in a house with even just three kids can be crazy with or without an adult." Selena could relate, in her family she was one in ten! "Okay." said Selena "But we better hurry, my aunt could come any minute now!".
"We made it!" said Lydia, "Exactly on time!" said Isolina. "We should pray to be responsible and for the safety of the kids we're watching." said Gwendolyn. "Gwen's right, let's pray right now." Lydia said. "Father God, please help us be responsible and know what to do when we need to, please help us keep the kids safe and be worthy of Selena's aunt's trust in Jesus' name, Amen." "Amen" said all the girls. "Let's go!" said Selena.
"Well hello there!" said Macawi, she was washing her family's clothes in the brook next to their hut. "Hello Aunt Macawi!" said Selena, "Why if I'd known you had brought friends I would have made a pie!" said Macawi "Now what are all your names?"
Selena pointed out each of her friends and told her aunt their names "This is Isolina, This is Lydia and this is Gwendolyn." Macawi smiled, "Selena told me you all live in Sigourney, is it nice being near each other?" "Yes, it is." said all the girls at the same time. "Well, I better call Takara,Sonya and Christopher, They're playing in the hut." said Macawi, Selena quickly objected "No,we can get them we wouldn't want to bother you, we can go find them they're not that great at hide and seek." "Well... If you insist." "We do insist,we don't want to be a bother." said Lydia.
"Takara,Christopher,Sonya" called Lydia and Gwendolyn. "Yes?" giggled Sonya and Takara,"Where is Christopher?" asked Gwendolyn. "He's hiding and I bet you can't find him!" they giggled again, "I think I can." said Lydia "Come out from under the table Christopher we're going to go on a walk!" "Really!" came a sound from under the table cloth, "Yes!" replied Lydia. Takara,Christopher and Sonya were overjoyed and soon shouts of "Yippee!" and little giggles filled the hut, the other girls came running and were impressed with Lydia's skills in talking to the little ones. They started on their way with Lydia holding Sonya's and Takara's hands, Christopher walked alongside Gwendolyn. They reached the edge of Clyde Woods and started to turn back when Takara saw wild flowers in a little clearing a few yards away, she took off in the direction of the clearing and little Sonya ran after her.
Selena ran after them and soon caught up by that time the two little girls were happily playing in the clearing. "Now girls you can't---" she was interrupted by a piercing scream.

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