Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Christmas Traditions

Rachel asked me what my traditions are around this time of year and here they are: We go to a Christmas tree farm and choose a tree to chop down and then go home and almost immediately start decorating it and the house!
We make lots of cookies, some to eat and some to give to my grandma. We have, have, have to do the ginger bread men every year! The candy cane cookies look cute but we all agreed that the look was better than the taste!

And our advent calender! We opened the first box last night! We've had this advent calender ever since I can remember, we do it annually and I don't think we've missed a year!

And last but not least(you'll have to imagine what this looks like cause I couldn't find a picture)
lefsa! Lefsa is a Norwegian dish and very delicious. My great grandmother had Norwegian heritage so our family has been doing lefsa since my mom was little(or possibly before that)! My grand mother and my mom usually get together to make the lefsa. Lefsa sounds very weird but it is absolutely delicious! Lefsa is a potato tortilla that you put a little butter, Some bacon and powdered sugar.
Merry Christmas~


Rachel said...

Thanks fur telling us all,
check my blog and I'll tell ya

The Noelles said...

Hey, that looks fun.Your Christmas tree looks good.

Erika minich

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